Melting Coal - Waste to Energy, Renewable Energy, Sustainability and Carbon Reduction

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About Melting Coal

In Melting Coal, coal refers to fossil fuels and conventional sources of energy. Melting Coal hence refers to the diminishing of these resources. It warns of the limited availability of fossil fuels and its fast depletion. It points to the need to address the issue and encourages the development of alternative energy sources.

Who We Are

Melting Coal is a dedicated engineering and consulting company created with a mission to provide strategic partnership for Building a Sustainable Tomorrow. We provide solutions for carbon reduction, renewable energy and sustainability. The aim of Melting coal is to help individuals and organisations reduce carbon emissions and operating costs by implementing sustainable energy. 

What We Do

We offer customized Renewable Energy, Sustainability and Carbon Management services. As partners we help you understand Renewable Energy right from the core and minimise the risks to extract maximum returns.

We help businesses harness the power of nature and energize lives through Alternative and Renewable Energy.

How We Do

Melting Coal has developed a distinct innovative methodology to ensure you achieve the ideal future state and sustainable goals based on your business needs and drivers.

Melting Coal provides a 5 step sustainable solution for all your needs:

Assess - Plan - Execute - Verify - Educate